Bali adventures

I L O V E Bali that's for sure

I recently visited Bali and collected some of my favorite 'must do's' for y'all.


  • CANGGU: Loving surf, adoring food, breathing the hippie vibes? This is your place! This is your go to spot if you want to drown in roads filled with endless good-food-places. A quick surf? Yeah why not.  Try 'bali bowls' for a healthy & very tasty breakfast. Have lunch at this amazing f place called 'MILA'. Enjoy the best view with a look out on endless rice fields and just so you know the salads fell out of heaven. The finishing touch? Cute things to bring home for your own home.

  • SEMINYAK: Give your eyes some of it too! Busy streets and endless shopping. This is thé place to shop till you drop. 

  • UBUD: Bring out your inner artist and be amazed. This place is the heart of an artist community. Rent a bike and enjoy the craziest sight seeing you'll ever experience in your beautiful life. It's the most colorful road that you will walk. The streets are filled with little boutiques and local artists. This is bali.. artists everywhere. The most beautiful hotel in the middle of nature is called 'The hanging gardens'. It's breathtaking.

  • ULUWATU: surf's up! Cute surf village, youngsters and nice little partéys. Thé beach life.

+Bali is all about artists & culture, beach life & surf, shop & nature. The very best part? There's good food everywhere you go for little prices.

++Try to score a cooking lesson from a local chef & visit the local markets if you get the chance to. It's a major discovery, it will be the best you ever tasted and the best flavors to bring home to your beloved ones.

+++ For the students and young people this country is paradise. Bali offers a large range of accommodation and there's a lot of variety in prices, let's say student-friendly prices.

One thing you can learn from the balinese people. Smile, everyday, be thankful & kind, always.



Jill Van Vooren